This LIMITED T-shirt is a
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When people ask about
Your shirt, will you tell them
the "REAL" story?
T-shirt sizes available:
S/P, M, L, XL, and XXL.
"Rhonda Releases":   $25.00
"RhondaRealeases":  $23.00
(includes S&S)
Would you like to feel creative, fun, free, and
inspired by me while you flic a bic?

This quality 3 color (white, black & red) pen reads:
Rhonda's Royal Roulette
Freelance Creative Artist
...... Rhonda's Creative Pen $1.50  (includes S&S)
11 x 17 Poster
Bedtime Story
11 x 17  Poster
FairyTale Lost
's Club of Hearts
My simple Fun Fan Freelance page!
Sharing:     What's Up With Rhonda?
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website on my First T-shirts.
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